Welcome!! Nice to meet you.
I’m a japanese photographer.
Look if you have free time.
I hope my pics will make you smile :D Thanks a lot!

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the bat of dusk❖ otsu, shiga, autumn 2014
kyoto tower of dusk❖ yamashina, kyoto, summer 2014
good night❖ yamashina, kyoto, summer 2014
cats❖ yamashina, kyoto, summer 2014
flags flapped❖ obama, fukui, summer 2014
mariner’s compass❖ obama, fukui, summer 2014
a cat goes❖ higashiyama, kyoto, summer 2014
the street lined with trees of early summer❖ takashima, shiga, spring 2014
the canopy of a willow❖ higashiyama, kyoto, spring 2014
a fresh green way❖ higashiyama, kyoto, spring 2014
a fresh green veil❖ higashiyama, kyoto, spring 2014
spring has come❖ yamashina, kyoto, spring 2014
began to bloom❖ yamashina, kyoto, spring 2014
among colored leaves
❖ nagahama, shiga, autumn 2013
moss on a stone stairway
❖ nagahama, shiga, autumn 2013